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Technical Activities Committee Update

Technical Activities Committees (TACs) comprise groups of individuals who have a common technical area of interest and who wish to participate and lead the technical activities and programs of the Technology and Engineering Society.

For TEMS the committees will support the other areas of the Society including:

  • Conferences (submit papers, help review papers, organize sessions, organize and host conferences)
  • Publications (help review papers, propose and help with special issues)
  • Membership (act as ambassadors, help enliven Chapters in the members’ local areas)
  • Education (proposed products, assist in the development, present)

More information and the contacts for the 5 TACs are on the TEMS website at http://www.ieee-tems.org/tems-technical-activity-committees.

The five TACs are:

As a member of a TEMS TAC you can engage in proposing and chairing special sessions in conferences, chairing TEMS conferences, contributing to publications all focused on your technical interests.

Please contact the relevant committee Chair or Celia Desmond at c.desmond@ieee.org

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