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Talent Management for Technology Leaders Sponsored by IEEE TEMS and IEEE EAD

The proposed Talent Management for Technology Leaders (TMTL) course is an edX pilot Course that includes 16 class hours where Participants will: Learn how to attract, hire, place, engage, and retain employees; Understand the role of talent strategy; Evaluate jobs, people, and performance requirements; Asses competence and capability; Work with multiple generations; Integrate competencies into organizational capabilities; and Understand ethical issues in Talent Management.

What is Talent Management (TM)?

Talent Management is the system and the process by which an organization commits to attract, hire, place, engage, retain, and develop a workforce capable of fulfilling its responsibilities to its stakeholders now and in the future.

Why a course on talent management for technology leaders?

Technology drives organizational performance of technology-based organizations: providing the talent to fulfill an organization’s goals now requires unleashing the organization’s human potential with a system approach: it also determines the future careers directions of the people involved in developing a sustainable organization.

TMTL course includes the following topics in 16 modules;

Overview of Talent Management Issues; Learning Talent Management Basics; The Workforce; Organizational Culture; Developing Competencies and Capabilities in Managers’ and the Professional Contributors; Performance Management; Role of Human Resources; Leading and Managing; Design a Talent Management Model; Critique of Talent Management Models; and Putting-It-All-Together.

This is your opportunity to share your expertise on any of the listed topics. For detailed information about the program please contact: Gus Gaynor, VP Education at

Center for Innovation Management Studies (CIMS)

TEMS now offers all of its member’s access to the resources of the Center for Innovation Management Studies (CIMS), sponsored by the Poole College of Management at North Carolina State University. Begin by exploring the CIMS Newsletter at ( and then look at the CIMS Website at (

Please note that a pdf of the articles can be downloaded. This is your opportunity to take advantage of the CIMS resources on innovation and related topics.

Innovation is the only business discipline that can create long-term competitive advantage and profitable growth; its mastery is essential to maintain organizational sustainability. CIMS provides us with resources to learn, practice, and measure innovation

CIMS was created in 1984 at Lehigh University to fund academic research on topics chosen by industrial research and development managers. Its goal was to better understand the technological innovation process and how it could be managed more effectively.

CIMS sponsors research, workshops and conferences, and publishes hundreds of papers. CIMS is supported by the National Science Foundation, the Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology, and Science, and North Carolina State University.

Go to ( and explore resources available through CIMS

Please send your comments to Gus Gaynor at

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