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TEMS Membership

Our team has been involved in activities to build membership in TEMS in 2016 based on the following strategies:

  • Offering value to members and chapters.
  • Communication with our current members, chapters, and reaching out to potential members

I would like to thank those who are actively working on membership activities:

Young Professionals

  • Sohaib Sheikh
  • Hossam Ali

Chapters Congress

  • Francisco Falcone

Chapters Blog

  • Osvaldo Perez

Chapter Communications

  • Kouros Goodarzi
  • Ravikiran Annaswamy
  • Mo Oma
  • Antonio Bastos

Chapters Manual

  • Elya Joff
  • Kouros Goodarzi

Distinguished Lecturers

  • Elya Joffe


  • Elya Joffe
  • Kouros Goodarzi

Member Without Portfolio

  • Enrique Tejera

Overall Coordinator

  • Antonio Bastos

Membership activities currently underway or under development include:

  • Two annual membership campaigns.
  • Promoting current and proposed TEMS initiatives.
  • Webinars available for Chapter Chairs to use for their Chapter meetings.
  • Chapter awards.
  • Continuation of Young Professionals E-Newsletter.
  • Investigating new chapters in IEEE sections with many TEMS members.
  • Chapters web meetings.
  • Partnerships reaching out to global, regional and section based young professionals groups to cultivate partnerships which can potentially result in TEMS YP events in specific locations targeted toward the local students and young professionals.
  • Utilizing the TEMS social media programs to provide weekly updates to our members.
  • Incorporating a dedicated Web portal on the TEMS website which we use to update our members about our programs and events.
  • Becoming involved in TEMS conferences to help increase YP participation in these events.
  • Participating in selected IEEE Young Professional events across the world to promote membership of the society.
  • Developing a value-add membership marketing campaign.
  • Setting up Audio presentations on benefits of TEMS membership.
  • Encourage sharing of Chapter developments and events worldwide.
  • Investigating setting up a TEMS speakers and/or distinguished lectures program.

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