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Note on TEMS Publications

I would like to re-introduce myself to the IEEE TEMS community. My name is Mark Werwath; I was on the Board of Governors for our predecessor IEEE Engineering Management Society (IEEE), approximately ten years ago. I am currently a Clinical Professor at Northwestern University McCormick School of Engineering and Director of their Master of Engineering Management program.

The first thing we all need to do is thank George Farris for his many years of dedicated service to the IEEE; he will be greatly missed. George has made many valuable contributions to the IEEE over many years. He is now moving on to the next phase of his life and we wish him the best.

Thanks to George and to Rajiv Sabherwal, our IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management (IEEETEMS) editorial board is outstanding. The quality of the papers and the impact and downloads all prove that our Transactions is a first-rate journal and the life-blood of the society. We can look forward to more special issues and more vital and specialized content in the months and years ahead.

We welcome your contributions to our upcoming future issues that include:

  • Special issue on Shortages of Resources, Routines, Reputation or Regulations: Threats or Opportunities for Tech Entrepreneurs Deadline for first-round submission: September 1, 2016 
  • Special Issue on Design and Management of Sustainable and Resilient Supply Chains Deadline for first-round submission: September 30, 2016

The Advisory Committee (AdCom) of IEEE-TEMS has renewed Rajiv Sabherwal’s term as Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management (IEEE -TEM) by 3 years, to January 1, 2020. Upon hearing the news of his re-appointment he responded with this message:

“I thank all of you for the confidence you have shown by renewing my term as EIC of IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management by 3 years to January 1, 2020. I greatly appreciate your support, and look forward to continue contributing to IEEE TEM and IEEE TEMS.”

The members of AdCom also convey, through me, their gratitude to each and every one of the Department Editors for their continued hard work and dedication and most importantly high standards in allowing only the very best papers to be published in IEEE TEM.

At this time, I would also like to thank Gus Gaynor for his continued dedication and hard work in the editorship of IEEE Engineering Management Review.

There are a few things that I feel the publications area needs to do going forward: first is to get better clarity about practitioner oriented content. Right now we leverage mostly re-published content for practitioners in the EMR. We are forming a committee to determine what the best future is for the practitioner side of publications. At the moment there is no logical home for original content targeting practitioners.

There are many options for where original content for practitioners should go, one option is that we create an entirely new journal focused on practitioners and entrepreneurs. Another option is to re-formulate EMR for this purpose.

Clearly, part of the discussion will include how to modernize the content and format of EMR and LEADER while shifting towards more digital distribution methods. I ask members with strong opinions to contact me with their ideas, concerns and preferences as this committee will be coming together very shortly.

Our TEMS webpage is updated on a daily basis with information of importance to you our member. We are an active participant in social media and your submissions and commentary on postings are welcomed.

Lastly, we intend to focus LEADER on communicating more traditional newsletter type items of interest, covering TEMS events from the recent past, as well as future events so that members will feel better engaged with the current direction and work of the society. Although I have attended only one EXCOM and ADCOM meeting so far in this new role, I am excited about the dynamism and direction of the society.

There is a renewed vigor and sense of purpose in the society.The TEMS society realizes it needs to build membership aggressively and needs to get the world out that TEMS is a vital place for creating and transferring new knowledge in the domain of technology and engineering management.

For this we ask for your help, your advice and your engagement. Please help us build a more vital TEMS society! I look forward to working with you all.

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