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Update: Technical Activity Committees

Engaging in TEMS is an excellent opportunity at every stage of your career.  Many of our (board) members have been involved in many IEEE programs and activities and at almost all there seems to be a clear need to understand the studies, processes and practices of management.  Sometimes the word “management” is not always valued for what it means but you call it innovation, entrepreneurship, technology transfer, and “getting from technical idea to product” the reaction is often positive. This is the “golden egg” that TEMS can provide to the IEEE and all of its members.

Technical Activity Committees (TACs) are a key way to engage in Society activities, nationally and internationally, providing you with understanding of how others address challenges, reaching colleagues around the world, and offering paths to improve your career or the challenge at hand.   The Society offers a broad reach from technically strong, first line management, researchers, and senior/executive management members and engagement opens the door for your engagement with them.  Joining TACs  helps you as well the society overall.

Being new, TACs are in the “forming” stage.   We expect each TAC will have a social media and email list soon, some are there. We started with TAC leader from our AdCom leadership.  See the Technical Activities tab on the web   Your level of engagement is up to you.   Opportunities exist to engage in discussion over social media, understand what conferences you may wish to attend or publish in,  consider chairing a session, special session or a workshop, or even a conference.   A TAC member proposed a special session for TEMSCON on the TEMS LinkedIn page  The TAC on Digital Enterprise has started their LinkedIn page  Go start a discussion there!

We wish you to join a TAC.  As the TACs grow and contribute there will be benefits to its active members including engaging with TEMS leadership at our flagship conference TEMSCON ( or even putting up a TAC special track on the conference.  Your level of engagement is up to you, you can even chair and lead the TAC.   Also, in the future you can propose a new TAC aligned to your special interest (e.g., “Evolution of Agile” or  “Management of Security Issues”) the process will come later, right now get with an existing TAC.

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