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Making a New Face for TEMS

Fellow TEMS members your leadership ExCom and AdCom strive to continuously improve our society and over this last year we have been engaging diligently. We have analyzed the Society situation and establish the strategy for a better overall collection of programs to meet the needs and interests of our membership community and the IEEE members in general.  Members interested in the challenges of enabling product development or taking a technical idea to a successful product or service are particular targets.  We are all looking for a beneficial and exciting society that is recognized across the IEEE and beyond, financially sound, able to have quality and desired products for TEMS and the IEEE in general.

This is long for a president’s letter but please read since we are establishing multiple improvements.

After a thorough analysis, survey, and examination of other societies we decided on some changes to improve the Society value to TEMS members.  This started with the creation of Technical Activity Committees (TACs) this year, where many of you have joined.  We have improved our focus and Tagline, expanded some officer role modifications, starting TEMS owned conference programs and refreshing our publications to align to membership interests.

Regarding TACs, the LEADER ( or TEMS home page ( both provide a means to join a TAC that interests you. Starting next year, we will establish the steps to create your own focused TAC.  TAC members help design, run, and build our conferences and publications.  TACs also provide the leadership pipeline for the society.

As to our focus we have set our Society tagline as “People Enabling Product/Service Success.”  In a nutshell, this encompasses the technologies and practices to enable product development, or in simple terms take a technical idea and create a successful product.  Beyond the particular technology or engineering solution we examine 6 key areas:

  • Moving Product/Services from Idea to Market
  • Developing from Engineer to Leader
  • Organizing your Team and Structure
  • Implementing Successful/Exciting Projects and Programs
  • Integrating Technology for Capability and Productivity
  • Mastering the Challenges of society, Policies, and Standards

Our conferences and publications will focus on these areas as it applies to product and service development.

Our leadership organization now has 4 Vice Presidents:

  • VP of Conferences – focus on developing all-conference products particularly TEMS owns events
  • VP of Publications– focus on developing all publication products including suitable design and changes for Leader, Transactions, and EMR.
  • VP of Technical Activities– focus on developing technical activities to develop membership engagement in product development. Includes education opportunities and TACs (was VP of Education)
  • VP of Membership, Marketing, and Communications (MMC)– focus on membership communication, development, and growth (was VP of Membership)

As you can see there is a significant focus on member engagement and communication to members.

TEMS is developing its own conference series:  TEMSCON.  The key goal is to offer a conference series whose themes connect a technology and business topic(s).  This addresses the challenges and solution strategies found in today’s community of innovation, entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship.  Over the next 3 years we will roll out a spring, summer, and fall conference, each with a somewhat unique theme and region but following the focus of TEMS.   This LEADER has a detailed article on the new TEMS owned conference programs.  E-TEMS starts this year in Europe and TEMSCON is in the summer of 2017 in Santa Clara, USA. TEMS will continue to co-sponsor conferences as well, such as the excellent ICE Conference held yearly in June by our European colleagues.

Over the next two years, the publications will be restructured.  Both will focus on original content.  IEM will mainly address research and theory in management and business, EMR will focus on the application to practice.  More details about this program and roll out plan are being addressed by our editors and VP of Publications and you will hear more in a later issue.

Finally, like with the new LEADER we are refreshing our WEB site to be much more informational and current.

In Summary, we have moved TEMS forward to greatly engage and benefit our membership.   We hope you are pleased with these new organization and programs and will engage more in them. We look forward to your participation, your ideas, comments, and suggestions to make our Society thrive to the benefit of us all.

Also, remember there is an election coming up and to review sides of the amendment before making a decision, it proposes to make major changes in the IEEE organization.

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