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An impression of ICE/ITMC 2016

An introduction

With this article, the author intends to only provide a brief overview in particular on topics that the author struck as interesting. Apologies on beforehand for the limited quality of the pics made.

From 13 to 15 of June the 22nd edition of ICE in collaboration with ITMC was held in Trondheim Norway. The relationship of IEEE TEMS with ICE has it roots in meeting at the IEEE IEMC 2002 in Cambridge UK. Our then VP of Conferences EMS and honored member Charles Rubenstein met with Bernhard Katzy (ꝉ 2015), one of the founding fathers of the ICE conference, and the author. ICE has had a long standing tradition to offer a conference on innovation, entrepreneurship and technology and engineering management.itmc2

The photo shows the opening and welcome by professor Pekka Abrahamsson from NTNU.

Planning the Future Editions

On the Sunday 12th of June before the conference started a board meeting was held hosted by Pekka Abrahamsson of NTNU. And whilst the 22nd edition had yet to start, the chairs of conference committees for the 23rd and 24th edition were already present, Ricardo Goncalves of Uninova and Guido Baltes of the University of Konstanz. The 2017 edition is to be held in Madeira Portugal, whereas the 2018 edition is to be held in Stuttgart Germany. Moreover, for the festive celebration 25th edition a new committee was formed at the board meeting, which shows the commitment of the team to make it a success.

ICE Conference Structure

ICE is typically constructed with a full first day with paper presentation sessions, followed by days of workshops, augmented with keynotes and cultural engagement.

For the first day, five tracks were devised. A track on Women and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering andMathematics), a track on User Driven and Frugal Innovation, a . track on Entrepreneurship and Tech Startups, on Factories of the Future: Advances in Engineering Management and Technologies and lastly a track on Sustainable Technology Management that your author also had the honour of chairing for a part.

The opening keynote on Monday was provided by Anna Öhrwall Rönbäck from Luleå University of Technology Sweden, on the subject of Production Innovation in Manufacturing  SMEs explaining the new sources of competitive advantage.

Paper Presentation Sessionsitmc3

One of the many interesting presentation sessions in the track Entrepreneurship and Tech Startups was given by Yngve Dahle from NTNU, who’s presentation dealt with the foundation for an empirical study, questioning if lean startup really does work. As part of the presentation Yngve presented a formula under investigation on how success could be determined:itmc4

ΔS=Δf(BI)+Δf(BM) +Δf(PD)+Δf(CI)

The paper then outlines the many elements each of the factors contribute with a substantial dependency of Project Delivery (PD). To support their research a website is available to capture data: . Already Yngve could share with the audience that the website was providing him interesting data for his research.


Another part of ICE are workshops. The conference provides a platform for existing research groups to disseminate their current state of affairs and/or to engage in discussion.

Your ExCom member Robert Bierwolf also lead one of these workshops, together with Christoph Johann Stettina from University of Leiden on PM2030 – Towards the Future of Project Management itmc62030.

Another first-time workshop was the GVL Europe 2016, the Global Venture Lab Academic Summit, lead by Ikhlaq Sidhu of Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology from UC Berkely. The room was too small to host all the interested conference attendees.

Another first-time workshop was the GVL Europe 2016, the Global Venture Lab Academic Summit, lead by Ikhlaq Sidhu of Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology from UC Berkely. The room was too small to host all the interested conference attendees.


The conference chair Pekka Abrahamsson and his right hand Kjetil Kristensen had also arranged for the attendees to get some Norwegian experience. True folk music at the conference dinner at the Kristiansten itmc7Fortress.  During the conference dinner, there was also the traditional awards session. Special this year was the best paper award. This award is now given a new name, the Professor Bernhard Katzy Award, in honour of the recently deceased Bernhard Katzy who was one of the founding fathers of the ICE conference. The award was given to Wang, B.; Subramanian, A.M.; Chai, K-H. for their paper entitled “Technological Diversity and Firm Performance: The Role of Knowledge Base Homogeneity”. And of course being so high up north all attendees got to experience the midsummer night sun.


This picture was taking during the stroll back to the hotel at 23:17 local time.

Robert Bierwolf, VP Conferences

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