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TEMS Publications has had an amazing year. We have been able to completely redo our newsletter and our website with much help from our new webmaster Ravikiran and the new web and newsletter editorial staff. It is exciting to see the new fresh look and format that is visually appealing and attractive to our users. While this change has been of great benefit, it is clear we still have  ways to go to get fresher and more relevant web content and find a better way to showcase our traditional publications such as the Transactions and EMR. As you all know we have been blessed with great papers and pieces that appeal to both the practitioner and the scholar.  Our task now is to make this more accessible via our website and to attract more readers and ultimately more authors as well as the virtuous circle expands

Our strategy going forward into 2017 and beyond is to pivot to an all electronic delivery mechanism for both EMR and Transactions. We plan to pivot to original content (from our re-pub format) for EMR while still maintaining our practitioner orientation. Transactions will continue to be the high quality scholarly oriented original content journal it has always been, but we will find better ways to make this content more accessible and better showcased. We will intentionally bridge the scholar-practitioner gap by showcasing the relevancy of the scholarly content to the practitioner. We will attempt to make the great content we already have a more useable and accessible tool for the practitioner.

Ultimately our goal is to partner with our readers and members and be your primary guides along your engineering management journey. To become a valuable resource that will catalyze your careers and become an essential tool in the lifelong learning process for our members and engineering managers and entrepreneurs everywhere. Our website, our organizational structure and our publications will evolve to better fulfill this mission and goal. We look for your feedback and recommendations as we continue to make TEMS the go to place management skills and knowledge within the IEEE.


Please send your feedback to: and we will carefully consider your recommendations and suggestions.


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