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Why engage in TEMS

Let’s see potential value for two situations.

You have a great technical idea that you think is innovative and would make a successful product or service.  How do you make it happen? Either as an entrepreneur or within a company, often called an intrapreneur. Many challenges, understanding funding and negotiation, grasping the market and how your product will win. Organizing the team to design, develop, support and market it.  Many legal, patent, and other challenges. TEMS is all about helping you learn and grow these concept, network with others that are doing similar challenges and learn from them. Best practices, abstract thinking and sample cases to see where people went right and astray.  Best of all TEMS is a part of the IEEE whose members create many of innovative ideas and you meet and work with them.

If you are a new or experienced manager then many of the skills cited above are needed to get products or services under your responsibility to success.  Learning and sharing people skills is a critical management role that TEMS can provide best practices.  Getting that product out requires working with your suppliers, manufacturing steps as well as enablement support.  Problems happen particularly with technical products and you need resources, such as what others have done, to help make a solution strategy.  Again the IEEE is a professional group of leaders, managers, researchers and beginners where many work these issues daily.  In a more senior role you can mentor the many that could use your advice and TEMS conferences and publications are great places to meet and interact with those junior and senior to yourself.

This is why engaging in TEMS will help you.

In TEMS, like other IEEE groups,  we established Technical Activity Committees (TACs) for groups sharing common interests can network (globally) on common interest topics.  TACs can be formed to have a general area like “Entrepreneurship and Innovation”  or a specific technical challenge such as “Enabling communication products, like 5G.”    TACs are flexible just like markets today.  One can join a TAC as a TEMS member or not, but many additional benefits are available to IEEE TEMS members. TAC members help design, run, and build our conferences and publications.  TACs also provide the leadership pipeline for the society.

The TEMSCON conference starts this June in Santa Clara (www.temcon.org). We will be hosting 3 conferences a year for networking, learning and mentoring.   A key focus area in understanding how research can be used to enable products and services in industry.  At this coming TEMSCON we will be handing out call for papers for the fall 2017 as well as 2018 spring and summer events.  They are worldwide.

Remember that LEADER (http://leader.ieee-tems.org/) is our key newsletter and TEMS home page (http://ieee-tems.org/) both provides information on conferences, publications and TACs.

TEMS is moving forward as a new arm of the IEEE to address technical management and business.  Done from the needs of the engineer or technologist and builds the bridge from studies to industry.

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