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Antonio C Bastos

Antonio C Bastos

RPI Master of Science Electric Power and   Management.

IEEE Life Senior member, TEMS AdCom member



Antonio C Bastos was born in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, in 1940, He has been married with Silvia for 42 years and they have 1 daughter, 1 son and 5 grandchildren (3 boys, 2 girls). Antonio likes sports, movies, reading, beaches, daily meditation and he is catholic.


As an engineer and manager, Antonio C Bastos worked for the Bahia Power Utility Company, during thirty years. He was hired as a trainee and went up to the top management of the organization, at the power distribution area. Twenty years ago, he retired and became a consultant in Energy Efficiency and Management, which is his current job.

Antonio’s main achievement was the total electrification of the Bahia State Extreme South Region, and the coordination of the Power Rationing in Bahia State.

He has been an IEEE member for 45 years, and he was the 2008-2012 IEEE Foundation Vice President Grants.

Joining TEMS: The Why, How and What

Why joining TEMS? Antonio C Bastos believes that being TEMS member will allow him to share his professional experience with international colleagues and learn from their experiences too.

How does joining TEMS add value to member’s profession? Within TEMS, Antonio C Bastos has the opportunity to know the most modern techniques used by colleagues all around the world, he can share his experience in conferences and courses offered by the society. Antonio is included in the EM world network.

What motivates Antonio C Bastos to join TEMS? Antonio understand the importance of IEEE TEMS for the professional life of the engineers in general and he wish to contribute his experience to their education. EM was the main engineering in his professional life and he wants to leave this legacy to his younger colleagues.


  • The foundation of the Bahia EM Chapter of Bahia Section, in 2006.
  • The holding of the 2006 IEMC Conference in Salvador, Brazil, under his Chairmanship.
  • The participation, as author, in the IEMC Europe 2008, in Estoril, Portugal.

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  • In complement to the above information, Antonio C Bastos was a member of the IEEE Assembly, as Region 9 Delegate and Region 9 Director, from 1996 to 1997, IEEE Secretary, in 1998, and Vice President Regional Activities – RAB (nowadays, MGA), in 2000. He was in the IEEE Board, during 4 years.


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