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Celia Desmond

Celia Desmond

BSc, MEng, PMP.

IEEE Senior member, TEMS AdCom member





Celia Desmond is a project manager who has managed technology projects for multiple companies. She also teaches project management at University of Toronto and Denver University. She has 3 children, and a hobby making porcelain dolls, mainly reproductions of antiques. She has won the international high profile Millie award.


Celia Desmond, Lead Project Manager for Echologics established the PMO for this rapidly growing company. Her team manages all proposals, contracts and project management processes. She is President of World Class – Telecommunications, providing telecommunications management training.

Celia has lectured internationally on programs for success in today’s changing environment.  As Director at Stentor Resource Center Inc., she was instrumental in establishing governance, culture and new processes for service/product development. At Bell Canada, Celia provided strategic direction to corporate planners, ran technology/service trials, standardized equipment, and provided support to large business clients.

Celia is 2016-1017 Division III Director. She has held numerous senior IEEE management positions including Project Director for Certification in Wireless Engineering Technology, managing a team of over 200 people, Director and Secretary of IEEE, IEEE Vice President – Technical Activities, President of IEEE Communications Society. President of IEEE Canada, Division Director, Vice President of Technology and Engineering Management Society.

Celia holds MSc. Engineering, B.Sc. Mathematics & Psychology, Ontario Teaching Certificate and PMP certification. Celia has taught kindergarten, high school, and university at Ryerson School of Business, Stevens Institute of Technology, University of Denver and University of Toronto. She is author of Project Management for Telecommunications Managers (Springer) and Project Management for Telecommunications Projects (Wiley 2010).

Joining TEMS: The Why, How and What

Why joining TEMS? As a long time manager and leader of project managers, the material published by TEMS is central to Celia’s career and her interests.

How does joining TEMS add value to member’s profession? In addition to the useful, interesting material provided by TEMS, the opportunity to handle international projects of a different nature adds interest and diversity to Celia’s busy work life. Being a TEMS volunteer provides the opportunity to meet world leaders in technology and engineering management, which is always rewarding and instructive.

What motivates Celia Desmond to join TEMS? The opportunity to take on different projects, with highly motivated and skilled people from around the world is very rewarding, as each moves forward to a positive conclusion.


Helping to start a Society and grow the initial membership was a rewarding challenge. Starting, building and growing the Technical Activities committees is another challenge which is already heading to a promising future.

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