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Dilip B Kotak

Dilip B.Kotak

M.S. Industrial Engineering – University of California, Berkeley.

IEEE Senior member, TEMS AdCom member




Dilip B.Kotak has served IEEE TEMS as its treasurer since 2009.


Dilip B.Kotak’s career had three distinct phases:

Phase 1 – In forest products industry with a focus on Operations Planning for the wood products operations. This involved bringing in automation, optimization and simulation technologies.

Phase 2 – In Systems Consulting with a focus on helping clients in marine ports, gas and oil pipelines, bulk material handing terminals and municipal operations and management select and incorporate automation, optimization and simulation technologies.

Phase 3 – In National Research Council of Canada as Principal Research Officer developing and introducing automation, optimization and simulation technologies to marine ports, airports, manufacturing & supply chains, and energy systems including fuel cells. This third phase involved working closely with universities and industry.

He also served as an Adjunct Professor focused on applications of Intelligent & Distributed Enterprise Automation with Professor Gruver which involved co-supervising masters, doctoral and post-doctoral students so that their work incorporated advancement of academic ideas as well as practical industrial applications of those ideas.

Joining TEMS: The Why, How and What

Why joining TEMS? Technology & Engineering Management are for everyone – those who manage and those who are managed. Academic ideas are important seeds and need to be nurtured so that ultimately they result in successful technologies.

IEEE TEMS community can fulfill a key role by providing opportunities to network with like-minded people across the globe bringing together ideas, experiences and effort to move from ideas to successful products and services. To achieve this requires some mastery over four key areas:

  1. Project management
  2. Technology integration
  3. Human resources management which includes developing people from engineers to managers
  4. Compliance to standards, policies, regulations.

These also happen to be the key areas of focus for TEMS.

What motivates Dilip B.Kotak to join TEMS? To be able to offer the time, energy and experience for a greater public good.

Presently Dilip B.Kotak with TEMS AdCom are in the midst of developing a multi-year plan for TEMS where he’s serving from the financial perspective – how can they provide the most to TEMS members for the fee they pay for their TEMS membership.

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  • change name to: ETMS ( Engineering&Technology Management Society) as this is rational;proper;logical name


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