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Kimball Williams

Kimball Williams


IEEE Life Senior, TEMS AdCom member




Kimball Williams retired as a “Technical Fellow” from DENSO in 2012 after managing its EMC Test laboratory for 8 years. Previously he was 3 years with Underwriters Laboratories and 26 years with the Eaton Engineering and Research center where he helped pioneer automotive EMC testing. He is an IEEE Senior Life Member and Past Chair of the IEEE Southeastern Michigan Section. Also he is an ‘Honored Member’ of the IEEE EMC Society where he serves as one of the Past Presidents Emeritus and the current Director of Professional Activities. Kim is an iNARTE certified (Master EMC Design Engineer, EMC and ESD Test Engineer). He is also a licensed private pilot, a PADDY certified scuba diver, licensed amateur radio operator (Call sign: N8FNC) and plays classical guitar in his ‘spare’ time.


Kimball is an engineer in the fields of acoustics, noise and vibration with focus on automotive applications. Design of small electromagnetic sensors and actuators and early use of E-Mag analysis software. (One pattent in this field) He helped pioneer EMC testing in the automotive environment and wrote several of the first EMC Test Standard methods for the automotive industry. He established the first independent EMC automotive component test laboratory in Michigan and led it to a stable income level of 2.5 $M/Year. Kimball managed EMC laboratories at Eaton, Underwriters Laboratories and DENSO before retiring in 2012.

Joining TEMS: The Why, How and What

Kimball believes that TEMS addresses critical topics in today’s profession from both an application and research point of view.


Kimball has been an active coordination between TEMS and the EMC-Society.

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  • change name to: ETMS ( Engineering&Technology Management Society) as this is rational;proper;logical name


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