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Timothy Worboys

Timothy Worboys

BASc Computer Engineering,University of Waterloo,Canada

IEEE member, TEMS AdCom member



Tim Worboys received his BASc in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo in Canada before starting his career at LinkedIn in 2012. Tim has worked at LinkedIn through its hypergrowth phase between 2012 and present where the number of employees grew from 2,100 to 9,200 and was acquired by Microsoft in only 4 years. During this time he grew from an entry level Software Engineer to his current role as Sr Manager, Software Engineering.

Tim is passionate about leadership and management and enjoys speaking and writing about these topics as well mentoring and helping people to grow their careers. Tim has held several positions in the IEEE including Vice Chair, Leadership and Training for the Young Professionals and his current roles on the Board of Directors for IEEE-USA where he is chairing a board ad hoc committee on diversity in the US Workforce. In his spare time, you can find Tim hiking, snorkeling, kayaking or whitewater rafting.


Timothy is a member in the board of directors, IEEE-USA. He’s a Sr Manager, Software Engineering at LinkedIn since 2016, Sunnyvale, CA.

He also had Various Local and Global Leadership Positions within IEEE since 2012.

Tim has held over 13 leadership positions within the IEEE including, but not limited to:
* Vice Chair – Leadership and Training, (Global) Young Professionals
* Young Professionals/WIE Event Co-Chair, Global Humanitarian Technology Conference
* Communications and Marketing Committee Member, (Global) Young Professionals
* Communications Committee Member, IEEE USA
* Website Redesign Committee, IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society & Region 6

He’s also been an avid speaker on leadership skills and has talked at many conferences including, but not limited to:
* Future Leaders Forum (http://futureleaders.ieeeusa.org/ )
* Rising Stars (http://sites.ieee.org/risingstars/ )
* Sections Congress (http://sites.ieee.org/sections-congress/ )
* MetroCon (http://www.metrocon.org/ )

Previously, Tim was a manager, software engineering at Linkedin (2014-2016), he was in charge of:

* Leading a team of up to 11 people (direct and dotted line reports) developing a foundational internal tool which acts as the dashboard to the entire tooling stack and enables continuous integration and deployment
* Leading the team through the re-architecture of the system
* Developed and iterated on LinkedIn’s process for hiring Manager+ and Staff+ candidates through our hiring pipeline focusing on candidate experience and improved assessment for experienced candidates
* Leading a team through the redevelopment of our internal hiring processes for over 150 interns and am the current owner for intern hiring
* Provided consultation in the development of the new hire bootcamp process which improved the onboarding experience for managers and new hires dramatically
* Partnered with many engineering teams to find and drive solutions to improve productivity on their teams.

Joining TEMS: The Why, How and What

Why joining TEMS? It allows Timothy to connect with other like-minded leaders to improve himself.

How does joining TEMS add value to member’s profession? For Timothy: Networking, volunteering, different points of view.

What motivates Timothy Worboys to join TEMS? The ability to be around like minded people and help everyone in the world to have a great manager.


Timothy helped a lot of young professionals to volunteer with and make a difference within the organization.

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