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How often do you take the opportunity to reinvent yourself?  What things do you want to change, improve or accomplish?

Last year the Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS) launched that introspective exercise.  We had people look at our web site.  We asked ourselves the big question “Why do we belong…?”  We looked at our resources and aspirations for items that could satisfy our dreams and goals.  We wore our personal and professional hats.

As a result, we agreed to become the organization that answered every manager’s and leader’s questions about the resources TEMS could provide that would enable professionals to join together to share ideas, learn from each other, grow professionally and excel personally.

Our reinvention has begun.  We revitalized the old web site and the next version of the site will be more focused on our beliefs and values while still increasing our value proposition.  In that evolution process we also created a new brand for the organization.  That brand and image links our values to action.

About the design

The new logo has two key elements:  the text and graphic design.  The text provides, at a glance, who we are:  IEEE TEMS, the Technology and Engineering Management Society.

The four graphic rings are a design feature that represents the dynamics of organizational success.  The colors create the image of the dawn of a new day, new opportunities and new challenges.  The cone represents the emergence of you or the organization into that next exciting day.  The graphic concept links the TEMS beliefs to our cornerstone values.

We and the organizations for which we work must be dynamic and responsive in at least four dimensions:

  1. Strategic thinking – As professional leaders we need to constantly think beyond today. We must always focus on being creative and solving challenges with out-of-the-box thinking.
  2. Processes and systems – repeatability drives successful operations and product launches. We need to clearly understand the implications of actions taken and include the unforeseen consequences in our analysis.
  3. Effective communications, messaging, marketing and branding of yourself or your enterprise – it is important to provide a consistent and integrated message about your beliefs and value at every opportunity and in every communication conduit available. It’s also important that you align and create relationships with other individuals and organizations that have similar values.
  4. Effective management of finance and financial operations – We are all responsible for being good financial stewards. It’s always more than using the required accounting and reporting standards.  Your decision compass must be guided by remembering that you manage funds for other parts of the organization, shareholders and stakeholders.

One last note about reinventing TEMS.  We’ve changed our conference model to always include at least a full day of invited speakers from industry.  We’re also changing our editorial and publishing practices to assure a balanced content that will interest and address the development goals of all members.

And you thought it just looked interesting and different….

Please join us with your ideas and willingness to help make the next generation outperform us.

Send any thoughts and ideas to Michael Andrews (

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