July 2017 President's Column

President’s Message

TEMS is making significant progress as a new society.

It has been a very busy and progressive quarter for TEMS.

First we have created a new logo. The design lead by our VP of Marketing, Membership and Communications helps to show the forward thinking of the new TEMS society.  We will be using this with all our events and publications in the future.

Our first flagship conference, TEMSCON, was a successful event. This event in Santa Clara drew in over 120 technical experts from both research and industry. Research in TEMS fields of interest was presented in multiple sessions addressing different topics.  Industry leaders provided our keynotes that exhibited many of the challenges of technology management and some solution strategies.  In addition we expanded our industry engagement by hosting an Industry Forum program where other industry leaders discussed their visions and challenges.  The Industry Forum Tracks will be a signature activity of our TEMSCON events in the future bringing those who have successfully engaged in the development from idea to product together with those studying the practices and theories behind technical management.  Look for them in all our future TEMSCON programs.

The TEMS President attended the TEMS co-sponsored conference ICE and presented at the conference dinner on TEMS and its directions.   The conference was quite well attended with regular sessions, special sessions and workshops.  Having the Madeira Island Regional President both welcome the conference start and also to host a dinner for all attendees drew strong attention to the event.  It was a good experience with well attended sessions and a good environment.

Publications are being modernized starting with original content for Engineering Manager’s Notebook (EMR) in 2018 with a focus on practical writings as well as technical manager’s notebook where managers describe their challenges and experiences. More modernization and new publications are on the horizon.

Many things are coming next quarter.  We will be exhibiting and presenting at the IEEE Sections Conference in Sidney. Several TEMS sponsored or co-sponsored conferences are coming including ICMSE, ICDIM and E-TEMS.  E-TEMS is a TEMSCON-fall event.

The society is growing.  Engage in TACs and impact the direction of our programs. Learn from the leaders and become to be one.  We aim to be the flagship society where industry directions and needs are met and guide research in all technical areas.

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