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There’s an old story about the “breakfast” difference between the chicken and the pig.  The chicken was involved (donating the egg) but the pig was committed (by providing the bacon).  Members of the Technology and Engineering Management Society are committed!

Last year the Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS) launched an introspective exercise.  We had people look at our web site, messaging and offerings.  We asked ourselves the big question “Why do we belong…?”  We looked at our resources and aspirations for items that could satisfy our dreams and goals.  We wore our personal and professional hats.  We also put on our “conscious capitalism” hats.  In addition to engaging in activities based on our values and beliefs, we emulate outstanding leaders, freely share personal resources without bias to everyone and focus on the value we can provide to others.

As a result, we agreed to become the organization that answered every manager’s and leader’s questions using all of the resources TEMS could provide that would enable professionals to easily share ideas, learn from each other, grow professionally and excel personally.  That also means that TEMS members are engaged, active participants willing to make an impact.

We believe that all IEEE members want to excel in your career, share professional experiences, learn from thought leaders or serve as a mentor to younger professionals.  Whether you’re a line manager, department head, division leader or company president, the skills, business acumen and professional network influence your success.

  • You, as an engineering professional, want to understand what is required to lead and manage engineering, technology and innovation.
  • Your career growth and vitality is important. Learning to think strategically and developing a business perspective are two critical elements of your success.
  • You believe that networking with other professionals who have similar areas of interest, local issues and desire to share experiences. To answer your networking needs, we are providing opportunities thorough added publications, social media outlets, conferences, industry forums and local meet-up as some of the ways you can network with other technical professionals.  Those networking opportunities include being a collaboration facilitator between leading scholars and practitioners.

To help you develop or contribute, we’ve created special interest groups (Technical Activity Committees – TACs).  Currently there are five TACs with more being added:

  • Social Management
  • Engineering Processes
  • Digital Enterprise Activities
  • Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Project Management

TEMS members influence the education of engineering leaders, management of engineering, product innovation, drive design and effectively move products to market.  We help drive economic growth and provide for human needs.

Get engaged!  TEMS members represent the spectrum of product development and production.  We are people enabling product success…

  • Moving Product/Services from Idea to Market
  • Identifying and Implementing Successful Projects, and Systems
  • Integrating Technology for Capability and Productivity
  • Developing from Engineer to Leader
  • Balancing the Norms of Society, Government, and Regulators

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