Technical Activity Committees

Introducing Technical Activity Committees

Technical Activity Committees, or TACs, are ramping up within TEMS. These committees started mid year in 2016, with each of 4 committees creating a brief scope of interest. Each ended the year with a roster of members, in numbers ranging from 10-50. By mid 2017 we now have 5 functioning TACs, each with members, and most with some ongoing activities. The committees held live meetings at TEMSCON in San Jose in June, where some new members joined. Excellent discussions ensured during these meetings, encouraging the members to become active in TEMS.

Four of the committees now have new leadership, and if you check the profiles of the committee leaders you will find some quite impressive people. Two have changed their name, and two have refined their scope, so if you have not viewed the TAC info recently it’s worth checking the site. The committees are discussing potential papers and sessions for upcoming conferences, and at the time of writing of this article, one is in the process of organizing a potential workshop to be held at eTEMS in Munich in October. Another committee is working with IEEE volunteers and staff on potential events for innovators.

The current committees, for those who do not know them, are:

Over the summer 3 different people have proposed starting additional TACs, which is wonderful. We look forward to seeing the described scope for each of these, and hope that all can be approved.

If you are interested in joining any of the TACs – and anyone can join, everyone welcome – please contact the Chair of the committee of interest, or contact Celia Desmond, to be linked to the committee. If you wish to start a new TAC, please send a description of the proposed scope, and some info on possible committee Chair (maybe that is you?) and members to

We would love to hear from you.

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