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IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Resource Center

The TEMS Resource Center was created by the IEEE several months ago and, with the help of Melissa Handa, Senior Program Manager, we are already uploading content, on a trial basis. We´d like to invite you to visit it at, just to see how it will serve us.

As a whole, the IEEE has 23 resource centers. According to Melissa, “The IEEE Resource Centers are professional, high-quality e-commerce sites which enable a society to host videos (mp4 format) or PDF content as products and make those products available to a global audience.  Individual products are loaded into the Resource Center and new products can be loaded at anytime”.

There is a three tiered pricing scheme (society member pricing, IEEE member pricing and non-IEEE member pricing) built into the system and TEMS sets the pricing for each product with all revenues flowing back.

Products on the TEMS Resource Center will be organized by category (e.g. Webinars, Conference Videos & Slides, Newsletters, Short Courses, etc – TEMS set the categories). Some societies have just one category, other societies have multiple categories.

Overall, the Resource Center enables the society to (1) bring more value to members, (2) consolidate valuable materials on a single site, (3) make the society materials available to a broader audience, (4) encourage more membership in the society, and (5) generate revenue for the society. “

We hope you visit and use our TEMS Resource Center

The Education Team