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The President’s Column

Dear TEMS Member:

As the leadership of IEEE’s only management-focused society, your Technology and Engineering Management Society AdCom is making strides in creating programs that will help add value to you as a TEMS Member.  For example the creation of TACs for your engagement and establishing our own conference programs, such as the new TEMSCON series (see www.temscon.org).

This year, the IEEE election includes an important amendment that alters the management design of the IEEE and your evaluation of this action requires your attention as to how it impacts your membership needs.

Although your TEMS AdCom has neither debated, nor decided, to either endorse or oppose the Constitutional Amendment as a motion which will be voted on in this year’s election, we feel a responsibility to provide you information about the ongoing discussion.

 Here, then, are links to a variety of background materials to help you decide on your position on the impending amendment:

  1.  The proposed changes to the Constitution are posted at  https://www.ieee.org/about/corporate/election/2016_constitutional_amendment.html
  1. Separately, information about the IEEEin2030 effort to evolve the IEEE organizational structure is posted at:  https://www.ieee.org/about/corporate/ieeein2030_archive_m.html
  1. There is also information on the amendment posted at:      https://ieeeconstitutionamendment.wordpress.com/
  1. Those opposing the 2016 IEEE Constitutional Amendment have posted information why they are opposed at: https://ieee2016blog.wordpress.com/   and                 https://ieee2016blog.wordpress.com/category/opposition-statements/
  1. The IEEE governing documents, including the Constitution and Bylaws, are posted at:  http://www.ieee.org/about/corporate/governance/index.html

Please, when you get your ballot in August, take time to consider both sides of the discussion about our future IEEE leadership and determine what is best for your membership.

Thank you.

Michael W. Condry, PhD

IEEE Technology and Engineering Management President-Elect (acting President 2016)


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