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Conference update into the Third Quarter of 2017

In the past months a number of conferences where our Society engages have come by. These were:

  • TEMSCON 2017, Santa Clara,US,  June 8-10
  • ISIE 2017, Edinburgh, UK, June 19-21
  • ICE/ITMC 2017, Madeira, Portugal, June 26, 27-29, 30

In the months to come the following upcoming conferences are:

  • ICMSE 2017, 24th edition in Nomi, Japan, August 17-20
  • ICDIM 2017, Fukokoa, Japan Sep 12-147.
  • And E-TEMS 2017, Munich, Germany, Okt 17-19 for the CfP closure date is July 31st 2017 (!) so there is just ample time to join that conference, including a great collaboration with the industry and entrepreneurs. Do visit the website for more details.

Impressions from the recent conferences

The inaugural edition of TEMSCON 2017 took place in the beginning of June in Santa Clara. A selected number of authors of papers have received an invitation to augment and adapt their papers for submission for a special edition of the IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. Success to those authors working on their next deadline this month. Of course the conference had great keynotes, paper presentations and some somewhat in an unconference format with interactive surveys. Thanks to the leadership of Michael Condry and Iris Quan and all of the many other volunteers in their teams. So now the next team is busy for TEMSCON 2017 in Chicago. Do visit . An small impression in images. More reports on this conference are expected from other members.

ISIE 2017

In June there was also the ISIE 2017, , in Edinburgh on which your Society supported  a track on the subject of Entrepreneurship and Management – Challenges for Industrial Electronics.

The 23rd edition of ICE/IEEE ITMC 2017 has set a challenge for the next team. The 2017 team under leadership of Ricardo Goncalves really has raised the bar. With 11 tracks, over 300 attendees and over 200 papers possibly one of the largest editions of ICE. And with a real great social program, immersed with the local culture and site visit to innovating enterprises. With the President of Madeira opening the conference that received much media and even tv exposure. With support of various members of the European Committee. Preceeding the conference there was the NITIM PhD Summer School, which broad another group of PhD candidates to the summer school as well as their professors.  Here too a small impression of the conference.

Next Year 2018 and beyond

Work is also underway for 2018 with:

  • The team for the 2nd edition of IEEE TEMS flagship TEMSCON 2018 in June 28-30 in Chicago has kicked off and is underway under the leadership of Mark Werwath. The website has already been changed and will be further updated as we go forward. Should you be interested into more than just submitting papers, like organizing workshops, poster sessions or other suggestions, then do not hesitate to contact the team.
  • The team under lead of Guido Baltes for the 24th edition of ICE/IEEE ITMC in June 17-20 in Stuttgart, Germany has also been meeting with the this year’s team for the hand-off and have a great challenge to excel beyond expectations. And the NITIM summer school will be organized directly after the conference for those PhD candidates that are looking for an intense period of reflection with their peers and a team of professors. The websites and will soon be updated thereto.
  • And the team for the TEMSCON Fall Edition 2018 / E-TEMS 2018 in the Rotterdam, The Netherlands is also well underway under lead of Beverly Pasian from the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.
  • And as an early heads-up we may even see a Winter Edition next year in Marrakech, Morocco. Work under development.
  • And then there will of course also be other supported conferences. More news in another update.

Even for 2019 and 2020 conferences the first discussion is already being started. We always welcome ideas, initiatives, and foremost leaders to take on the realization of conferences. So join, step forward, and let’s discuss your ideas.

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