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Leader – New Digital Format

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Welcome to the new LEADER format and welcome to our new editor for the LEADER, Ravikiran Annaswamy and he is from Region 10 working on various digital initiatives. We hope you find the new format and the new content and the new delivery mechanism more appealing. In our polling of members, we discovered that the LEADER is the least read and least accessed of all the 3 TEMS publications.

We have the longest road to recovery on the LEADER and with Ravi’s help, that journey has now officially started.We continue to work hard to develop new and vibrant and valuable content for the professional engineering manager. In the months ahead we hope you will find value in some of our improvements which will include a revitalised website, exciting new web content and new content specifically targeted for engineering managers. We welcome your suggestions as to how to improve all of our TEMS publications.

We have sent a survey so if you have not already filled it out, click here to access our survey link provide us with some valuable feedback, and also to volunteer to help out our society.

Thank you for our continued support and patience as we work through various transitions in the TEMS publications



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  • Ravi — I noticed that your on-line LEADER is focused only on sending out information — except for this “Comments” system, there’s no way for TEMS members (and TEMS chapters) to interact. I came to the LEADERS site to find out the deadlines for the next issue, and who we should send proposed articles to. After 10 minutes, I’m not finding that information. It seems to me that you’d have at least a brief link on the LEADERS Home Page showing the editorial deadline and nominal issue date for your next issue. Any chance your team can do this? Paul


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